Simulation modeΒΆ

The Simulation panel allows to generate one trace step-by-step, and to look at the values of the model’s variables and the properties along this trace. It is made of four different areas:

  • A File selection panel
  • An Exploration control panel
  • A Properties panel
  • A Simulation results panel

In order to simulate our model we select the project and the model from the File selection panel. We can also select a property to check during the simulation, but this is not mandatory.

To start a new trace we use the New path button in the simulation control panel. The initial state of our model appears in the simulation result panel. We can then Simulate the model or Backtrack using the corresponding buttons.

When the simulation progresses or when we select a specific state, values are updated in the property panel.


Alternatively to the Simulation results panel, we can use the Plot panel. This panel allow us to draw 2D or 3D plots. To draw a 2D plot showing the evolution of p1 against time select the blank value in the X combo box (the empty identifier represents the discrete time) and p1 in the Y combo box.

Once we have tested our model and properties, we can go to the experimentation panel to use PLASMA Lab SMC algorithms. This is the next step of our tutorial.