PLASMA Lab GUI can be launch with the following options:

Usage: launch [options]
      Path to Plasma Lab configuration file.
    -d, --debug
      Debug level
      Default: 0
      Print help.
      Default: false
      Use a logback xml file

PLASMA Lab use a text configuration file to load plugins and set parameters. If no configuration file was provided, a default one is loaded from the jar resources.

Here is the list of configuration:


This option will tell PLASMA Lab to look for plugins in the jar file located at ABSOLUTE_PATH_JAR and load them.

  • plugin_dir ABSOLUTE_PATH_DIR

This option will tell PLASMA Lab to look for every plugins located in the ABSOLUTE_PATH_DIR directory and load them.

  • working_dir RELATIVE_PATH_DIR

This option will set RELATIVE_PATH_DIR as the working directory. The working directory is the default directory when loading or saving files.


This option tell PLASMA Lab to load the log4j configuration file located at RELATIVE_PATH_XML. In the case where this option was not set, a default log4j configuration file is loaded from the jar resources.