The PLASMA Lab project is developed and hosted by INRIA. In this section we describe the various support tools provided by INRIA.


PLASMA Lab is hosted on the INRIA Forge. The forge provides a git repository, an HTTP server and access to bug tracking tools and mailing list.

To access these services an INRIA Forge account is required. The INRIA Forge does not use the LDAP account.


Git is our Version Control System. The Git documentation can be accessed on:

Only developers registered on the forge can access to the Git repository. SSH must be installed on your computer.

GForge hosting

The INRIA GForge provides hosting capacity. The PLASMA Lab GForge website is located at We use this to host the Javadoc and this manual but also as a repository for PLASMA Lab bundles and examples library.

Web site

The main PLASMA Lab website is hosted on It is a wordpress blog/site and can be modified by accessing to the administration interface. depends from a different service than GForge.