From version 1.4.3, PLASMA Lab includes a plugin that simulates LLVM code. This plugin is a wrapper of an external simulator Lodin. This tool is necessary to use the plugin.

To use the PLASMA Lab plugin we create a model of type LLVM and we write in the content of the model the two following lines:

  • The first line must contain the path to the Lodin simulator (the sim binary) folowed by the options to use.
  • The second line must contain the path to the LLVM code to simulate (the .ll file compiled from C code).

Some Lodin options are mandatory to run with Plasma Lab:

  • The -X option to use the alternative state ouput.
  • The -C to run Lodin in a command based protocol.

Additionaly the option -S is mandatory to run Lodin with the importance splitting algorithm, as it allows to store the sates of the simulator in order to restart simulations.